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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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was he segregated at school? a local mom says her preschooler was left alone with piles of trash and kept away from his classmates as punishment. get him out of here. >> protesters try to take over a trump rally. the candidates aren't holding anything back in the final countdown to super tuesday. a seven-year-old hit by an suv dies in her mother's arms. the driver took one look at what he did and then took off. i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. tonight, police are searching for that driver. cbs2 news valerie castro was following this developing story come alive in west new york at the scene of that accident. >> reporter: police are
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as to where that driver could be but the family of that little girl killed, they are making funeral arrangements. behind me you can see the memorial that has been created by friends and family members. even the classmates have come by to pay their respects. heartbroken friends gather on the street corner in west new york where monday morning seven- year-old shayla pichardo was killed as she walked to school with her mother jamie. the scene still clear in the minds of those who witnessed it. >> her book bag and sweater and all the blood. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of the suv turning left into the path of the mother and daughter. we are pausing the video just before impact. jamie is tossed on the ground several yards away. her daughter caught under the wheels. the video picks back up as you see the mother holding her child . the driver gets out of the car to see what he's done. seconds later, he's gone. the injured mother is left holding her life a starter in the street.
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>> reporter: palos audio is a close family friend who couldn't stop the tears as she begged the driver to come forward. >> if you have a heart, if you are part human, please come and show yourself. >> reporter: shayla's father spoke to us in spanish. >> translator: i can't do anything now he said. the only thing i can do is ask god for help and give me strength for my wife. jamie potrero works at this nail salon. met her daughter before. >> she liked to talk, to play. >> reporter: this woman who girl was her son's classmate. >> very sad. >> reporter:'s -- shayla's father says nothing -- he just wants to hear an explanation as to why. and tonight the little girl's mother is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries. as for that car, police say
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tahoe, some chrome trim and black tinted windows. they say there could be some front end damage to the car, call police if you've seen it. live in west new york, valerie castro cbs2 news. we do have some more developing news out of new jersey. a seven-year-old boy hit by a stray bullet while sitting inside a home in paterson. that is where we find cbs2's what happened. brian? >> reporter: kristine, that little boy wasn't even safe inside his own living room. he was hit in the shoulder when gunfire erupted on rosa parks boulevard tonight. the seven-year-old and his family were inside on the first floor of this multi family houses at about 6 pm. you can see the broken glassware the stray bullet shattered the front window. there was some kind of dispute on the street near a liquor store when somebody pulled out a gun. something that neighbors say happens all too often in this
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>> at least four or five times a month. monthly. i know because we live here. nothing new for us. we're used to it. >> in fact, a 12-year-old girl was killed by a stray bullet in the house right across the street from the one where the incident happened tonight. >> reporter: in the case this evening, that little boy was not the intended target according to police. he was rushed to st. joseph's hospital where he is expected to be okay. from patterson, brian conybeare, cbs2 news. now to campaign 2016, the final stretch before super tuesday, while polls in several states show donald trump with a commanding lead, his campaign faced criticism from all directions today. jessica schneider has more on this. >> reporter: some republicans saying they won't support trump if he wins the nomination. that division coming after another one of trump's raucous rallies and the candidates on
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the republican front-runner. >> getting out of here, please. >> reporter: donald trump tossing protesters in virginia. a group of black lives matter's activists marched toward the stage protesting former kkk leader david duke's endorsement of trump. >> right smack in the middle of my punchline. >> reporter: trump is leading in at least six super tuesday states. a poll shows the brash billionaire has a widely, 49% nationally up from 41% last month. 16% say they will vote for marco rubio, ted cruz with 15%. cruz is ahead in texas, his home state. >> we are going to have a very good super tuesday. >> reporter: marco rubio lamenting all the trash talk. >> what a sad indictment on the state of political debate. >> reporter: on sunday he dove right into dishing the dirt. >> you know what they say about
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you can't trust them. >> reporter: some republicans pledging to fight -- find another candidate if trump wins. >> i can't vote for that guy either. i believe in the constitution. >> reporter: the democrats are battling for 865 delegates tomorrow. clinton leading by double digits in several states. bernie sanders banking on winning his home state of vermont plus massachusetts and minnesota, both turning their focus to the republican antics. >> at some point, you can't just say whatever pops into your head. >> there is nothing more that i would love to do than run against donald trump. >> reporter: the campaign stakes are very high tomorrow. 20 to 25% of the delegates are up for grabs on each side. the campaign stakes only snowball from there with more big contests on the way including ohio and florida set for march 15.
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schneider, cbs2 news. governor christie endorse trump after ending his own campaign. today the governor refused to answer reporter questions about some of the issues facing new jersey. >> the issue of nj transit, are you concerned about the possibility of a strike? >> i think you understand that i'm answering on-topic questions today. i don't want to. i won't permit you to. i told you there's going to be only on-topic questions today. permission denied. >> christie was in trenton announcing the nomination of judge david bauman. if approved, he would be the court's first asian-american member. new video of a shooting inside a restaurant in queens. the nypd now looking for the man seen opening fire at the rico chimi restaurant on atlantic avenue in ozone park on february 20. the bullets hit a 40-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman, both of whom are expected to be okay. investigators say the shooter
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a four-year-old boy left alone in a stairwell and his outraged mother say school workers left him there as a punishment for behaving badly. cbs2's tracee carrasco is live in east harlem where the mother says it's the school that's out of line. tracy? >> reporter: this cruel punishment was caught on camera by a concerned staff member here at ps 198 after finding the little boy alone in a room full of garbage. tonight his mother wants the school to answer for their actions. cell phone video taken inside ps 198 shows a four-year-old prekindergarten student alone unsupervised in a stairwell, playing with piles of trash. the little boy's mother, fatima, claims this isolation is punishment for her son's bad behavior. but it's gone too far and at times has even gotten physical. >> the paraprofessional has dragged him down the stairs,
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with his arms pinned against the wall. he stated to me, my arms was hurting. >> reporter: she found out this harsh punishment has been going on for the last three weeks after the video was taken by a school employee disturbed by the boy's treatment. >> if this mom had done that in her apartment and put her son, guess where she'd be right now. in jail. >> reporter: she claims she's had issues with the school since last november over her son's behavior but hasn't gotten anywhere. >> i get numerous phone calls each and every day that my son has spit, kicked and did all these things. i have asked the school, what are you guys doing to my child while he's in the school? what is the reason for him to behave in this manner? he does not behave in this manner at home at all. >> reporter: she along with the family lawyer and community activist tony herbert demanded the school answer for its actions. >> if this is happening not only to this child, we need very much to make sure that whoever is doing it is no longer working in the school system.
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the department of education tells us their top priority is keeping all students safe. they say they are investigating this alarming allegation and taking swift acting -- action. social workers will be on hand at school tomorrow. live tonight from east harlem, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. a single mom and her kids surprised by an intruder while they slept. >> every little sound makes me get up and walk around the house. >> the search for the smiling stranger caught on camera and how she first noticed something wasn't right. reporter breaks down on the
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invasion and sexual assault in the bronx in broad daylight today. the nypd say two men work -- posing as workers pushed their way into an apartment and tidy woman up while they ransacked the place. the suspects took off with $50. neighbors heard the woman's toddler crying and that's how they found her. it's not clear if the woman was targeted. another terrifying home invasion in new jersey, this one happening while a toms river mother and her two children were asleep. and when that perkins noticed her back door unlocked -- and 20th perkins. she saw a man smiling as he entered her home. while the intruder walked around the kitchen, perkins and her two young daughters were just a few feet away in their bedrooms. >> somebody was in my house. now every little sound makes me get up and walk around the
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>> perkins says the man stole to pocketbooks that had her social security card, debit and the run. the government says there is so many problems with the popular contraceptive implant it is putting its most serious warning labels on them. thousands of women have and unintended pregnancies after using the contraceptive sure. so the food and drug is not -- assure -- essure. a traumatized erin andrews teared up on the witness stand today in court. the sports reporter filed a civil suit against a nashville hotel and the man who audiotaped her nude inside her hotel room in 2008. >> i was just screaming that i was naked all over the internet. and i didn't know what it was. >> michael david barrett was convicted of stalking andrews. barrett told the court he got
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staff members. could sharing pictures online with your friends and family lead to a curious stranger getting to your door? >> pretty scary but it did happen recently to more than a dozen college students. tony aiello shows us how easy it is to become a victim of social stalking. >> reporter: in a city of 8 million, i set out to find a stranger using social media. and within minutes, pinpointed her exact location and her real name. i knew about the japanese tea she had for breakfast. and where she had recently traveled. >> going back to london anytime soon? >> back to london? how do you know that? kind of scary. >> reporter: and kind of easy. i used an online tool that maps instagram pictures to see who is nearby and then scrolled through her instagram feed to learn more about her. >> if he can find this person like that, so can anyone else. >> reporter: lance is a social
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>> a trail of breadcrumbs for everyone. >> reporter: alleged criminals such as arturo. >> looking through my plans, i scream at the top of my lungs. >> reporter: these college students, two of more than a dozen young women allegedly targeted. he stocked them using social media posts to figure out where they lived. pictures from parties, bars and restaurants told when they were away, that's when he allegedly broke in. >> he took a lot of my underwear and bras. >> reporter: stealing underwear, jewelry and electronics. >> posted on instagram repeatedly throughout the day. they can connect the dots. >> reporter: what can you do? delay posting, put up pictures that tell followers where you've been, not where you are. don't post pictures of your home or information that reveals your routine. and learn to manage the location and privacy settings on your mobile device. you can tell you to never use your location when posting to
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>> double check to see what settings are available and what privacy settings you can set. >> it's just people realizing when it actually makes sense to broadcast where you are. >> reporter: when it makes sense to tell your smart phone to play dumb about where you happen to be. tony aiello, cbs2 news. >> great information there. my phone used to light up when i would leave for work and he would tell me the traffic. leaving for work? it was that location services thing. >> it was. >> freaking me out a little bit. >> shut that thing down. less talk weather, lonnie is here. >> great day today, not as great tomorrow. by the end of the week, you're going to be reminded, still winter, taking a peek at the weather watchers and temperatures, 46 right now from nancy oswald.
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46 in east islip, nancy is saying spring is coming soon. like i said, come friday, even thursday, where did spring go? it's not here quite yet. it is starting today, the end of meteorological winter. astronomical winter and spring which is pretty much what we live by, that begins on march 20. so sit tight. the best chance for rain this week is going to be on wednesday. going to turn very cold thursday into friday. snow is even possible on friday and this is what i'm talking about, nancy. spring is coming but we remind you it's still winter. you could see 70 within 10 days. right now, i'm right back to your statement about spring is coming. it will feel even more like it as you push down the road. february as we close the book, normal amount of snowfall for february. 9.2 inches. we only picked up 4. temperature above average.
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we averaged 44.3. tomorrow, 48 degrees, decent start tomorrow, sun and clouds mix. not quite as warm as you were today. take a look at temperatures around 9:00 in the morning, 34 in the city, 30 for new paulson, woodbury and danbury. plenty of you will start off below the freezing mark. 5:00 p.m., 42 in the city, 3:00 in the afternoon, may be somewhere between 45 and 48 degrees for a high temp. look around there, 40s for high temperatures tomorrow as opposed to 60s like we had today. tonight, a couple of snow showers north of our area. as this cold front is very weak, it pushes through, basically a dry frontal passage. not going to see much of anything. our next chance for precipitation is wednesday. it will be mild with a southwest flow ahead of it. rain on wednesday but a cold front, cold air behind it, so come friday, another system
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where you could see a little bit of snowfall for your day on friday. right across the board, 48 tuesday, 53 on wednesday, kind of a wet weather day but i'll tell you as much, went from late tuesday night into early morning hours of wednesday. by lunchtime wednesday, looking better and by later in the afternoon, then you start looking at thursday and friday. cold air and a snowflake chance on friday. >> sometime when we have time we would you meteorological versus astronomical. otis is here looking ahead to sports tonight. >> big snacks, the franchise tag for the jets. and would the addition of another brother equal improved offense for the rangers? alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technoly. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc.
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it was a family affair tonight at the garden. eric staal joined his brother mark in the first game as a ranger against the blue jackets. he used to play with his brother jordan in carolina. no points for them tonight.
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bouncing it off the goalie into the net, 21st of the season, rangers up 1-0. a bad pass led to this breakaway by cam atkinson. the initial save but atkinson buries the rebound. rangers were down a man late in the third when derek stepan makes a couple great moves and scores the goal. that was the game-winner. 2-1 was the final. the rangers are now 10-to-1 in their last 13. devils and islanders off tonight. they did make moves off the ice. lee stempniak was traded. while the islanders picked up shane prince from the senators for a third-round pick. west coast road trip, starting against the clippers, the nets lead by three in the second. sometime in the next 24 hours, the jets will have one part of their off-season question marks figured out.
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bowl defensive end mohammed wilkerson. scheduled to make $15.7 million in 2016. the two sides will have until july 15 to hammer out a long- term deal for the grant. unless they agree to an extension with david harrison, he can begin talking to other teams on monday.
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welcome back. the mets will get to play a game tomorrow, intrasquad matchup, big names like jacob degrom will not participate. they will be eased into games. the mets first game against another team is thursday. yankees first game is
11:31 pm
today some of the top prospects got to face aroldis chapman. he didn't even bring his a game, throwing his fastball only 98 miles per hour. chapman and the yankees are waiting to hear of a possible discipline for major league baseball for alleged domestic assault. yoenis cespedes has brought a hanukkah, not a harley, literally a hard. -- he has brought a hog. 275 pound grand champion hog, he eventually won , i'll bet you it was less than that $300,000 he paid for that lamborghini, the 89,000 for the jeep wrangler , all the cars he has. >> he brings home the bacon. >> oh! >> you did. >> that was terrible. >> [ applause ] >> can we take that back?
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a great night.


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